Diamond cutting disc ø50/6,0 GALVANO

Suitable for ACCESSORIES

Field of application Cutting of inliners; GRP; PE; …

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Diamond cutting disc GALVANO Dry cutting disc for plastics e.g. for GRP, liner, PE etc. Ø 50 mm, bore hole 6.0 mm, D427 3 side strips each, front + back customs tariff no. 68042100

0,016 kg

Compatible with manufacturer
ARIES,BRM,Hächler,IBAK,IBG,ID-TEC,I.S.T,JT,ProKasro,Schwalm,Streicher,SUBTECH,TRY TEK,Rausch Rehab,SEWER ROBOTICS,IMS,KRE,IMS,Bodus,Dancutter,RS-Cutter,SE-Cutter,Lateral Tap Cutter

Compatible with model
ARIES Raptor,ARIES Wolferine,BRM,Hächler HF130,IBAK MicroGator,IBAK AlliGator,IBG HydroCut 60,IBG HydroCut 100,IBG HydroCut 150,IBG HydroCut 200,IBG eCut 60,IBG eCut 100,IBG eCut 150,IBG eCut 200,ID-TEC R160 T2,ID-TEC R300 T3,I.S.T PC100,I.S.T PC150,I.S.T PC200,I.S.T EC100,I.S.T EC150,I.S.T EC200,JT FR150,JT FR170,ProKasro 1700/2500W P,ProKasro 3200/3600W P,ProKasro 2000W Motor E M14,ProKasro 3000W Motor E,Schwalm Talpa 1330,Schwalm Talpa 2060,Streicher HF130,Streicher EF130,SUBTECH Titan 150,TRY TEK Grizz,Lateral Tap Cutter,Rausch Rehab RRC1,SEWER ROBOTICS HA 125,SEWER ROBOTICS HA 195,SEWER ROBOTICS HA 250,IMS Turbo 3,IMS MIDI,IMS MINI,KRE 150-225,KRE 300-600,SUBTECH Titan 180/200/250,IMS MIDI 4,IMS DRIVEplus großer/large Motor,IMS Turbo 4,Bodus,Dancutter,Hächler Climb 80,I.S.T Bulls Eye Cutter,I.S.T Micro Cutter,RS-Cutter,SE-Cutter,Streicher CL 70,Streicher CL 80,IMS-Micro-ALT,IMS-MICRO, IMS-MICRO S, IMS-DRIVE, IMS DRIVEplus kleiner/small Motor, IMS MIDI 4 kleiner/small Motor,KANGAROO klein/small,KANGAROO groß/large

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