Diamond cutting disc ø30/6,0 GALVANO

Suitable for ACCESSORIES

Field of application Cutting of inliners; GRP; PE; …

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Diamond cutting disc GALVANO Dry cutting disc for plastics e.g. for GRP, liner, PE etc. Ø 30 mm, bore hole 6.0 mm, D426 customs tariff no. 68042100

0,006 kg

Compatible with manufacturer

Compatible with model
Bodus, Dancutter, Hächler Climb 80, I.S.T Bulls Eye Cutter, I.S.T Micro Cutter, RS-Cutter,SE-Cutter, Streicher CL 70, Streicher CL 80, IMS-MICRO, IMS-MICRO S, IMS-MICRO E, IMS-DRIVE, IMS-DRIVE E, IMS DRIVEplus kleiner/small Motor, IMS MIDI 4 kleiner/small Motor

Item number: 212827104

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