Cup brush Ø 40 Hole 8mm SPARE

Suitable for ACCESSORIES

Field of application Post-processing of inliner openings; removal of residual film; Cleaning; roughening work

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Cup brush Ø 40 mm, Bg. 8,0; H29 Field of application: Post-processing of inliner openings, removal of residual film, Cleaning, roughening work customs tariff no. 96035000

0,079 kg

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Compatible with model
Bodus,Dancutter,Hächler Climb 80,I.S.T Bulls Eye Cutter,I.S.T Micro Cutter,RS-Cutter,SE-Cutter,Streicher CL 70,Streicher CL 80,IBAK FlexiGato,IMS-Micro-ALT,IMS-MICRO,IMS-DRIVE,IMS-MICRO S,IMS MIDI 4 kleiner/small Motor,IMS DRIVEplus kleiner/small Motor,IMS-NANO

Item number: 215000224