PKD Mushroom shaped m. t. ø100 DN200 ø55

Suitable for CIPP, PVC and ROOTS

Field of application Removal of intruding laterals and deposits; furface grinding and milling of offset socket transitions

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KARDIAM-BLACK-POWERLINE: Diamond mushroom shaped peripheral milling tool DN 200; Ø 100 mm H30; 8 stripes, spring loaded; 32 diamond segments; bottom turned out – water cooling recommended – for Cutter connection Ø55/22+Pin for e.g. KA-TE/PMO/Hächler/Pipetronics Milling tools suitable for CIPP, PVC and deposits !! Not for steel-reinforced concrete!! +protective cap for circlip customs tariff no. 82077090

1,16 kg

Compatible with manufacturer
KATE/PMO,Hächler HF200,Pipetronics,Streicher

Compatible with model
KATE/PMO,Hächler HF200,Pipetronics FR 250,Pipetronics EF 250,Streicher HF200,Streicher EF200

Item number: 214940244