Corundum grindstone Ø90/110 Spare cup

Suitable for METAL

Field of application Grinding of metal and cast iron pipes; removal of intruding obstacles

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Corundum grindstone; Grinding of metal and cast iron pipes; Ø 90/110 mm; H 55 mm; bore hole 22,2 mm; Dry cutting is recommended; Caution – sparks !! customs tariff no. 68042212 weight: 0,67 kg

0,66 kg

Compatible with manufacturer
KATE/PMO,Hächler,Pipetronics,Streicher,ProKasro,ARIES,BRM,IBAK,IBG,ID-TEC,I.S.T,JT,ProKasro,Schwalm,SUBTECH,TRY TEK,Rausch Rehab,SEWER ROBOTICS,IMS,KRE

Compatible with model
SCHLEIFTOPF,KATE/PMO,Hächler HF200,Pipetronics FR 250,Pipetronics EF 250,Streicher HF200,Streicher EF200,ProKasro Hydro 250-600,ARIES Wolferine,BRM,Hächler HF130,IBAK MicroGator,IBAK AlliGator,IBG HydroCut 60,IBG HydroCut 100,IBG HydroCut 150,IBG HydroCut 200,IBG eCut 60,IBG eCut 100,IBG eCut 150,IBG eCut 200,ID-TEC R160 T2,ID-TEC R300 T3,I.S.T PC100,I.S.T PC150,I.S.T PC200,I.S.T EC100,I.S.T EC150,I.S.T EC200,JT FR150,JT FR170,ProKasro 1700/2500W P,ProKasro 3200/3600W P,ProKasro 2000W Motor E M14,ProKasro 3000W Motor E,Schwalm Talpa 1330,Schwalm Talpa 2060,Streicher HF130,Streicher EF130,SUBTECH Titan 150,TRY TEK Grizz,Rausch Rehab RRC1,SEWER ROBOTICS HA 125,SEWER ROBOTICS HA 195,SEWER ROBOTICS HA 250,IMS Turbo 3,IMS MIDI,IMS MINI,KRE 300-600,SUBTECH Titan 180/200/250,IMS Turbo 4

Item number: 215000101