CB Globe milling t. Ø 31 IMS-MICRO-NEW long

Suitable for CIPP, PVC and ROOTS

Field of application Opening of laterals and inlet lines

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Carbide granulate globe milling tool Ø 31 mm (granulate) extended shank; for IMS-MICRO-NEW – H50 Carbide granulate 1,2/1,8 Field of application: Opening of laterals and inlet lines etc. IMS 015 01 163 Customs tariff number 82077090

0,15 kg

Compatible with manufacturer

Compatible with model
IMS-MICRO, IMS-MICRO S, IMS-MICRO E, IMS-DRIVE, IMS-DRIVE E, IMS DRIVEplus kleiner/small Motor, IMS MIDI 4 kleiner/small Motor

Item number: 214500168

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